as a top-rated credit card processing company, Lowest Credit Card Rate is here to help you with all of your merchant credit card processing needs. We work hard to help both businesses and business owners save money and become more profitable when it comes to merchant credit card processing. Our specialized range of programs, technology and credit card merchant account processing services are tailored to suit your business and ensure secure processing — every time

What type of payments do you support? 

We support the following payment solutions below:





-Global acquiring


Point-of-sale solutions

  • Our point-of-sale (POS) solutions offer integrated monitors, cash registers and online credit card merchant processing solutions. 

  • We have a variety of merchant credit card processing hardware applicable for both countertop and short and long-range wireless payments.

  • Our solutions provide multiple terminal configurations and connectivity options.

  • Proprietary terminal applications with industry-leading features ensure you get the right credit card payment system for your unique business needs. 

Online invoicing

  • Invoices are an essential part of billing. Upgrade to online invoicing for a cost-effective solution that will increase overall connectivity and efficiency. 

  • Our online invoicing and credit card payment systems automate both accounts receivable and accounts payable. 

  • Take advantage of convenient custom scheduling and automated invoice reminders. 

  • Our invoicing and credit card processing services seamlessly syncs with QuickBooks, Xero and a host of popular accounting applications.

EMV Smart terminals

  • EMV is a payment method based upon technical standards for smart payment cards. It's applicable for most payment terminals and automated teller machines.

  • Our Bluetooth mobile credit card readers come fully EMV technology-enabled. 

  • The merchant credit card processing solution is EMV level 1 and 2 certified, easily connecting with smartphones and tablets. 

  • EMV smart terminals utilize encryption technology to provide secure and reliable operation in most mobile POS applications.

Mobile payment technology

  • Mobile payment technology allows business owners to complete transactions on-the-go. 

  • A mobile merchant account credit card processor provides the capabilities for any time, anywhere credit card processing using a smartphone or tablet. 

  • Our mobile payment technology uses a simple add-on and application for IOS and Android devices, so integration couldn't be simpler. 

  • Because our mobile card swipers are secure, compliant and encrypted, they're ideal for field reps and those who regularly attend trade shows.

Payment processing API Technology

  • A payment processing application programming interface (API) is ideal for businesses needing a very specific payment solution for their app or website. 

  • Our easy-to-use APIs allow for rapid payment integration. 

  • An open API allows users to extend their cloud-based POS system and retail management software.

  • Custom API technology allows developers to seamlessly integrate into their proprietary applications, making it the perfect credit card merchant processing solution for those needing a little more customization.

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