Ground Transportation Payments

Our payment platform and technology allows us to integrate into any Livery software on the market. We'll help you limit chargebacks & fraud and increase conversion rates and sales. Every merchant will be appointed a bankcard expert with a support team dedicated to your account. Our pricing will beat any association pricing or competitors guaranteed. If you need to run high ticket transactions or need high volume merchant account no problem. Scale your business today and contact us. 

Are you working with a reservation software? 

-We can integrate with any livery software on the market such as

Limo anywhere, Fasttrak, Hudson, Livery Coach or any ride share app. 

Funding times

-Settle your transactions as late as 11 pm EST daily and get paid next morning

Do we have contracts or early termination fees?

-No we do not

How can we provide better pricing over your association ?

-We do not have to share in the profits with your association therefore can increase your savings.

On average merchants save between 20% -70% 

How do we limit chargebacks & fraud? 

Our payment engine matches IP address to region, BIN to country, high risk proxies and more. Reduce chargebacks by identifying & flagging risky reservations. Easy integration via API or our hosted payment page.

Give your customers a piece of mind with our secure billing via tokenization reduces fraud and your PCI scope!

BEST DEAL FOR 2021 0% mark up on all American Express merchant service transactions for 1 year for all ground transportation companies!