CBD payments

We provide CBD payments for both online & in-store businesses. We work with a domestically located bank that approves accounts in 1-2 days. We don't do long term contract or early termination fees. No reserves! 

How can we approve CBD payments and other cant? 

Not all processors work with the same sponsoring banks. We also have a unique situation where we are taking on the risk for the CBD merchants which allow us to approve at out discretion. As long your business is legit we will get you approved and quickly.

Funding times?

Next day funding with us. depending on the time you settle the account at?

We support all platforms like shopify? 

Yes we can get you approved and processing on your shopify platform. We would use one of our technology partners to integrate a gateway to the platform. 

What gateways do we use?

We use Authorize.net, NMI, ePN, PayFlowPro and many others. Ut just depnds on your needs as a merchant. 

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