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Save is a fully- supported debit and credit card processing solution for low risk & high risk industries. We're here to help business owners pay the least in processing fees with unparalleled support. Its simple and efficient. Just fill in the necessary areas with the calculator along with your contact info and a rep from our office will reach out. 

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About us

We are a consulting firm that specializes in sales and marketing. We have partnered up the most honest and stable merchant service providers: 
These merchant services companies cater to ALL industries:
We can approve TMF Match list merchants also. 

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Payment Solutions will tailor your payment processing solutions to fit your business model. Whether you're a low risk, hard to place, high risk or CBD merchant, we have got your back. We fund all transactions next day and have no contracts. We offer 24/7 customer support. 

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Business Model

We're here to help our customers provide a frictionless payment processing experience so their customers will gain confidence and continue to come back through our tailored payment processing methodologies that help increase revenue. We will make sure your customers check out experience is simple, safe and secure.       
If you're a new or existing business owner and have processing history, key in your info on the calculator and a rep from our office will contact you to discuss payment solutions. We have no contracts or early termination fees. If you're not happy with the cost or service you are free to go. 


Our mission at LowestCCRate is to provide a frictionless payment processing experience that our merchants are able to pass on to their customers that's affordable and secure. We want to help you scale your business and enhance your customers check out experience. 


Guarantee calculations are not 100% accurate, however they are very realistic. Unless you are taking the same exact credit cards each month for the same amount no credit card processing proposal will be 100% accurate
We guarantee to save you money on your processing account or pay you $500 American Express gift card for wasting your time

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One of the most important qualities to look for in a credit card processing company is business owner support.
All of our partners have 24/7 customer support. Credit card processing plays a major role in your business and we make money when you process credit cards. Every department is available for any questions, account processing needs and technical assistance.

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